Print Price Divide at it’s Broadest for Twelve months

By 10/09/2012December 1st, 2015Full Fat Blog, Industry News

Print Price scanners,® confidently monitor the unit cost of printed items throughout the UK at a click of a button.

Their latest report of print industry prices shows clearly that we are in the throws of a pricing revolution, with the cost of print at it’s broadest divide between suppliers. But is this downward pressure of print costs unsustainable for those suppliers seemingly throwing the stuff away with silly price tags, or are we simply seeing leaner and meaner trade print production partnerships with printers wiping off their balance sheets unnecessary liabilities that for decades blighted their profits?

Furthermore, geographic pockets of lean printing costs are appearing for the first time in several years, with areas such as South Wales, Northampton and Wiltshire consistently offering print up at around 5% cheaper than other parts of the UK.  Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire on the other hand can claim to be our most expensive areas to be placing your print in, which would seem on the surface to go hand in hand with the high cost of living  the more affluent commuter belts demand.

Online too costs are being slashed also in a bid to secure regular buying patterns and lure customers away from traditional channels of purchasing print with the powerhaus of online print production, Germany, gaining a reputation for fast and furious printing at consistent bargain bucket prices. However this need not be just a Germany phenomena – if you play your cards right and are prepared to wait, ie; plan!!

Here in the UK too a bargain is always around if you buy your print online. Be smart this Autumn and if planning a large Christmas print  push set up some google alerts now and do your own monitoring online of print prices. Last month for example® was regularly snapping up 10,000 A4 flyers up for a paltry £115 via a google alert!….. whilst an A2 digitally printed canvass from a Welsh print provider with all the extras, including delivery was slashed from £66.00 to a steal at £22.00.