Print¬†Guidelines can be a bit of a minefield and frankly quite boring if you haven’t got ink running through your veins, but we have!So here’s a very brief overview;

1. Supply us with PDF files.

2. Give us 3mm bleeds all around your document.

3. Crop marks are a must!

4. Produce your artwork out of CMYK files.

5. Use our artwork upload page.

If you’re STILL unsure, visit our page and download one of our print templates page and download the template you need. Now you are able to design knowing you are within the print guidelines!

If you need any further assistance, or just want us to do it for you (we’re very good you know!) call us on 0800 954 5014 and speak to our helpful team.

Still unsure? These videos might help!

A Brief Overview: How to Use Google Images in Your Print.

A more detailed explanation: How We Receive, Check and Print Your Artwork.

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