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Wight Around

Welcome to my Isle of Wight, Wight Around walking challenge!

Two years ago, I decided to learn to ride a bike and raise money for East Anglia Children’s Hospices! Sounds simple doesn’t it. And you would be right….. so I took a wheel off.

In June 2014 I cycled 1 mile on a unicycle without putting my feet down and raised £2500 for EACH, I was invited up to their Cambridge hospice to see the amazing work they do for families who have to deal with their son or daughter’s end of Life! Think about that for a minute, whilst I repeat that to you. ‘THEIR END OF LIFE! ‘ Please don’t think we all are immune from this prospect. These families receive incredible support and without cash from our pockets their services of medical, emotional and informational support could not survive. Please dig deep as I train to walk 106 km around the Isle of Wight non stop. There will be no sleep and lots of blisters and sore feet and hips along the way. But given the choice between that and dealing with an End of Life for my kids, guess what!!! I’ll have the former any day.

Every month from September I will be carrying out a training walk starting at 25 km in September ending with a 75km walk in April, plus daily power walks of 8km with a target to get these under 55 minutes. Currently these are at 1hr 2mins average.

Stay posted as I get underway with my training.