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OK makes print’s biggest mistake in a while….

By 26/07/2013October 16th, 2015Full Fat Blog, Printing Buzz

Shortly after The Duchess of Cambridge revealed the arrival of brand new baby George, OK magazine printed a cover showing ‘The Duchess Diet,’ insinuating that Kate should be already thinking about losing the baby weight, with taglines reading, ‘her stomach with shrink right back.’

This has infuriated Mum’s all over, campaigns going viral on many networks, tags like #dontbuyOK being used on Twitter. The NHS has advised Mum’s since that losing the baby bump fat should be the last thing on their mind, the baby should come first. OK magazine has since apologised for the print, but it’s left a sour taste in everyone’s mouth.

I think it’s safe to say OK has made one of Print’s worst mistakes in a while. Fortunately, there’s nothing like that at PrintHut 😉