Marketing with stickers

By 20/07/2015February 25th, 2016Full Fat Blog, Print Tips & Marketing Ideas

Our love of stickers begins at an early age. If you go to the dentist, you get a sticker for being good during your check-up. Your teacher may have given you gold stars for listening in class and your parents may have put stickers on a reward chart.

But, there’s no need to leave the stickers behind when you grow up and start to run your own business. Stickers can actually be a really effective marketing campaign, helping you to target potential customers or clients of all ages. Here are a few inspirational ideas, reasons and stories to show you why you should use them and how effective marketing with stickers can be…


The Reddit alien sticker has been widely credited with reviving our interest in sticker marketing in recent years. Founder Alexis Ohanian stuck them everywhere he went, along with handing them out at events and asking everyone else to hand them out too. Soon, the Reddit alien sticker had gone viral, popping up on photos uploaded across the internet.

Guerrilla marketing

The idea of marketing with stickers is there should be an element of surprise. Think about sticking them somewhere people wouldn’t expect to find them, sparking curiosity about your products, services or website.

Be traceable

If your marketing plan involves leaving stickers in random places where your target audience is likely to spot them, be sure you have your business URL or logo printed somewhere so they can figure out who left them.

Be unique

Think creatively about where you could stick your stickers. Could you do a deal with a greengrocer or supermarket to stick your marketing material on bananas or apples, for example? Or how about on lift doors. After all, once people get into an elevator, you have a captive audience for a few seconds at least.

Up or down

Don’t just think about sticking at eye level. Some of the most effective sticker marketing has used the ceiling where people are likely to be looking up, such as in the dentist’s chair, or the ground. For instance, you could use giant footprint stickers to guide people to an event, or to encourage people to put their litter in the bin.

Your customer markets for you

If you’re handing out stickers for people to wear, then as soon as they stick, they become a marketing tool for you. As they travel through life, people they pass will spot the sticker and friends or colleagues may ask what it is or where they got it.

As a promotional tool

You could use stickers not just to spread your brand identity but as a promotional tool. For instance, you could combine social media marketing with sticker marketing and include an offer code on stickers, saying anyone who finds one gets 10% or 25% off.

Use them at events

Events are great places to hand out stickers. Set up stall and hand out to people passing by who meet your demographic. It’s a great way to get people talking about your brand and to create excitement.

Give them to all of your customers

The Apple model is a good one to emulate. The tech giant gave colourful apple stickers to every customer and soon they started to appear everywhere, raising brand awareness and helping to make the Apple logo immediately recognisable worldwide.

Order in bulk

Stickers are usually a really cost effective way of marketing. Order as many as your marketing budget allows. You want to get them everywhere and on everyone! Going back to the Reddit example, the company spent $500 dollars on stickers, and now has nearly 3m page views every month. Its founders describe stickers as the soundest investment they ever made.

Choose a great design to go with our amazing print prices, and sticker marketing can make you stick out in the minds of people who could be new clients or customers. Stickers may be old school techniques, but they’re also very ‘now’.