Franks Unicycle Challenge – The Rules are out!!

By 29/05/2014October 15th, 2015Charity & Events, Full Fat Blog

So after 6 months of exhaustive unicycling and an unrelenting training regime and the occasional trip to A and E our man is as ready as he will ever be for the 1-mile course.

We have studied his form, timed his average performance and tallied up his average foot fall rate and have arrived at a harsh but fair set of rules. If any of these rules are broken then a fine will be imposed and added to the charity’s winnings; these are as follows:

The course will be judged over two runs, one up and one down the dam path, each leg measuring 1 mile

1. Foot down penalty

If Frank dares to put a foot down on either leg then he will be handed out an immediate on the spot fine of £100.00

2. Timing penalty

Frank’s best time across the dam path (assuming he doesn’t put his feet down) is 11 minutes 15 seconds. Therefore every second over this time he will incur a penalty of £1.

Therefore let’s take an average scenario and see what this challenge may cost him:

Average foot fall over the past month has been 2 falls equating to £200.00 of fines

Average time to complete one leg over the past month has been  11.42 seconds equating to £27 of fines

As we will not be stopping the clock if he falls his average restart time is 25 seconds equating to a further £50 of fines

Total Fines: £277.00

3. Extraordinary clause® reserves the right to apply an extraordinary clause if by an act of God he avoids any of the above fines. In the event of Frank crossing the dam without putting his feet down and finishing under 11 minutes 15 seconds on both legs then an immediate on the spot fine will be imposed of £300.00

There is still time to sponsor Frank and raise even more money for our chosen charity, EACH, East Anglian’s Children’s Hospices by visiting:

And Finally here’s the Important bit, stuff about EACH:

Overview of EACH

What we do, and where and how we do it…

We support families and care for children and young people with life-threatening conditions across Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk. We provide care and support wherever the family wishes – in families’ own homes, in the community or at one of our hospices in Ipswich, Milton and Quidenham.

Our care teams help children and their families with the emotional and physical challenges they face, helping them to make the most of life.

We continue to develop the quality and range of our services to support families, including:

  • Daycare in the family home or hospice, or both
  • Overnight breaks in the hospice, including families, to stay if you wish
  • Support for children & young people (inc. siblings) and parents & grandparents
  • Symptom management support and advice
  • Emergency 24-hour telephone support
  • Therapies – music, occupational, hydro and physio
  • Specialist play
  • Spiritual care

Families can choose which parts of the service they use.

We can only do it with your help…

We are a registered charity and need to raise almost £6 million from public donations to deliver our services this year. This amounts to £16,000 a day, every day of the year.